Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 2869 - Decisive Strike

Chapter 2869 - Decisive Strike

The sword art Tianming was currently cultivating used the support of heaven-defying order to unleash its power. Heaven-defying order, similar to lifesbane order, was a manifestation of the spirit of resistance against destiny.

Imperator Defiance was one of the imperatores of the flameyellow divinities. However, from the will in the murals, his origins were different from Imperator Venerabilis. He had started from the bottom and relied on himself to rise up step by step until he ascended to become the imperator of his generation.

Venerabilis Imperatoris was domineering, majestic, and filled with imperial wrath that could execute a million people. As for Defiance Imperatoris, its spiritual will was violent, tenacious, and carried an edge that refused to be hidden.

Both styles were in line with Tianming himself.

"This Defiance Imperatoris shouldn’t be difficult for me, and it fits my state of mind." After his imperial and lifesbane orders had entered his body, they supplemented his shortcomings. During this period of time, he had felt like he was literally flying whether it came to his personal cultivation or battle arts.

The change in his mindset brought about by his latest breakthrough made him incredibly bold on the Sun, and that new boldness smoothly integrated into Defiance Imperatoris.

When he first saw Imperator Defiance descend in the Defiance mural and watched him display the Defiance Imperatoris for the first time, Tianming already had the notion in his heart. I want to obtain this sword!


Half a month passed. In the starry sky, the pink sun and the dark and mysterious Ebonia formed a binary star system, tugging at each other. The two stars were like mother and son as they shone in the endless starry sea.

Despite only being one-tenth the mass, the Sun emitted a more dazzling light than Ebonia, and its vitality was extremely vigorous. It was indeed smaller than the darker Ebonia, but compared to other stars in the Infinitum Mundus—especially those deific-class and below—the Sun was already a titan.

At the moment, three people were standing in space above the sun, gazing at the blazing pink star. They could also be said to be two people, as Rex Mundi Meng Ying, who were beside Li Fan, could be considered a single combat unit.

After all, like beastmasters and lifebound beasts, they share the same cultivation system. And although the strength of their wonders were different, their cultivation levels were the same and their strengths could be combined.

Strangely, despite being more powerful than Li fan, Meng Ying had a subservient attitude before him.

"Did you say that this ether-class world was formed by swallowing ownerless nova sources and part of Gladeus, and it isn’t always pink?" Li Fan's eyes shone with a strong curiosity. Mister Taihe believed that Intrepidus and Meng Ying had reservations about him, so he had let Li Fan come first and scout out the prey. That was why he was there.

"Yes!" Meng Ying nodded.

"Some people speculate that its limit may be infinitum-class, because the two infinitum-class astralships have many connections with it?" Li Fan asked. These few days, he had been to many places and learned a lot.

The Meng Ying pair looked at each other and mentally communicated. Then they turned to Li Fan and said in unison, "That's the rumor, but before dealing with Li Tianming, we can't confirm. After all, it isn’t impossible for ether-class worlds to create infinitum-class ships."

After Li Fan heard that, he smiled and said, "Don't worry. Even if it is an infinitum-class world, it’s of no use to my Myriadpath Valley. It’s too far from us and it won’t even reach us before its nova source is exhausted. In fact, for truly powerful forces in the astralscape of order, the importance of nova source is greater than the shells of fallen worlds. Do you understand?"

"Yes, We’re frogs at the bottom of a well." Meng Ying regretfully shook his head.

"But it looks like this world is indeed interesting," Li Fan sighed. At present, what Myriadpath Valley needed was the Infinitum Stele and Zi Zhen. Even so, they wanted to determine what treasures others have, and whether there was anything hidden.

"Can I go and walk around it?" Li Fan asked Meng Ying.

Meng Ying shook his head and said, "It's too dangerous. Your elder will be here soon. Your identity is noble, and if the other party finds a flaw, it’ll cause a lot of trouble."

Li Fan thought about it and could only smile and say, "Forget it, although you’re foundationeers, and there is no foundationeer on this... Sun, it’s still safer to be cautious."

Shenxi Xingtian was too anxious, which was why he had lost so many times.

The matter of Xiaodao becoming a foundationeer was a secret. Only Yi Daiyan had seen it, but she definitely wouldn’t talk about it.

"I heard that my brother Lin Ke was killed by that Li Tianming? And the beautiful girl Fengqing Youmeng is still in this star?" Li Fan’s expression was dark as he spoke through clenched teeth.

"Yes." Meng Ying nodded.

Li Fan frowned and said, "This Li Tianming is about a hundred years old. How can his strength be so ridiculous? If he really is a ninth-level cosmic cartographer, he surpasses the most supreme geniuses of Myriadpath Valley. Those geniuses are the best of the best from countless mundi. How’s it possible...."

"It’s said that he can mobilize the power of the masses, and his true level isn’t even a cosmic cartographer. It sounds incredible, but it’s the only explanation," Meng Ying said.

"The power of the masses?" Li Fan was quite shocked. "Intrepidus didn’t mention that!" The information Intrepidus knew mainly came from the Star Hunters.

"They didn't tell you?" Meng Ying looked a little awkward. It seemed like there were still reservations between Myriadpath Valley and Intrepidus. f𝐫e𝚎𝘄eb𝚗o𝐯𝐞𝐥.𝐜𝚘m

According to the agreement, Tianming himself belonged to Intrepidus. But now Li Fan had discovered something. However, he shook his head and said, "The masses are like ants. I come from Myriadpath Valley, and I think it sounds ridiculous. It may just be a rumor. Maybe he has some special treasure. The universe is vast, and there are too many special treasures. You’d better check it out and don't let Intrepidus take advantage."

"That's right, we’ll check it out." Meng Ying nodded. Myriadpath Valley's power was greater than the wonderians, and since Li Fan had arrived first, Meng Ying naturally stood on his side and did not want to offend him. After all, the wonderians wanted Weisheng Moran, whom both Myriadpath Valley and Intrepidus had no interest in.

"If there is a chance, I really want to meet this Li Tianming in the real world and wipe out the humiliation from Skyhold Bridge!" Li Fan still didn’t understand how he had been defeated then! Fury still blazed in his heart.

"Li Fan, it's not safe here, and Tianming has many eyes. Let's go," Meng Ying reminded the younger man.

"Hehe." Li Fan coldly smiled. In fact, he was only afraid of Yi Daiyan. The so-called ‘caution’ was just to be safe. However, at that moment, an invisible crisis descended.

A clump of invisible cockroaches appeared in the starry sky before Meng Ying and spread out, revealing Xiaodao, Lin Xiao, Lin Changkong, Dongshen Zhuojun, and others! They suddenly rushed out toward Meng Ying and Li Fan. And at the tail end of the crowd, Tianming appeared!

Yin Chen had already told them that these three people had appeared outside the Sun. After discussing the matter, Tianming had immediately decided to capture Li Fan! And their biggest reliance for their plan was Xiaodao, the foundationeer.

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