Everything Is Too Easy After Maxing My Talents

Chapter 723: Origin Spiritual Power, Perfect Merit!_2

Chapter 723: Origin Spiritual Power, Perfect Merit!_2


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Zhao Hechuan couldn’t help but shiver. He lowered his head and said,””Before…Senior, this is your… Your methods?”

Li Yueming neither admitted nor denied it, he just said lightly,””Lead the way!”

She heard his voice.

Zhao Hechuan seemed to have woken up from a dream. He wiped the cold sweat that had appeared on his face and continued to lead the way.

However, what he did not know was…

What happened just now was not the end of the nightmare, but the beginning!

In the following journey, every time the two of them broke into a dungeon, there would be guards who were alarmed. However, the fate of these guards in front of Li Yueming was surprisingly the same.

That was to be dead!

He didn’t see Li Yueming move at all.

However, no matter which prison guard it was, they would always die without any suspense when facing him.

Zhao Hechuan had thought that the journey would be filled with danger, but it was so smooth that he started to doubt his life.

Until the last level.

Zhao Hechuan finally felt an extremely terrifying mental wave.

Zhao Hechuan, who was still muddleheaded, suddenly woke up from a dream.

Looking at the door of the last level of the imperial prison, he took a few steps back before saying,”Before…Senior, this first floor is guarded by a number of untouchables…It seems to be a Heart Saint!”

Even though he already knew that the Heavenly Prison of the City of Heart was the most heavily guarded place in the world, he was still in a daze.

However, Zhao Hechuan didn’t expect that there would be a Heart Saint guarding the underground.

One must know that the Heart Saint was the strongest Heart Spirit reader in the Returning Heart Mainland. There were definitely no more than two hands of them in the entire world.

Now, there was one hidden in this dark underground.

Back then, this prison was built to hunt down the remaining cultivators in this world. One could imagine how much fear the Heart spirit readers of this world had towards cultivators.

Hearing Zhao Hechuan’s reminder.

Li Yueming didn’t have any reaction. He just waved his hand to signal him to open the door.

After all, as early as when they were on the ground, Li Yueming had already investigated the entire prison through the divine sense given by the Ascension Treasure.

Therefore, he already knew what was going on underground.

Now that the so-called Heart Saint King was behind him, he was just an ant ant that was bigger than an ant.

He received his order.

Zhao Hechuan’s heart was pounding.

However, he still endured his fear and walked to the front of the 18 levels of purgatory.

Just as he was about to push the door open.

The door to Inferno Hell suddenly opened on its own.

Zhao Hechuan was shocked. He looked over and saw a beautiful woman standing in the prison.

The beautiful woman looked at Li Yueming and then at Zhao Hechuan.

His eyes were filled with complicated emotions.

After a long while, he sighed and said,” Although you are a guest from the Nine Regions, your aura is somewhat different from the Nine Regions I am familiar with. I wonder if you can give me the honor of chatting with you?””

Li Yueming narrowed his eyes and looked at the woman in front of him.

Although the appearance told him that there was nothing special about this woman in front of him.

However, his intuition told him that the woman in front of him had a powerful background.

He paused.

Li Yueming thought for a while before nodding,””Of course!”

The woman heaved a sigh of relief and turned to Zhao Hechuan.””Descendant of cultivators, please leave us alone!”

As he spoke.

Her beautiful eyes flickered, and in an instant, Zhao Hechuan fainted in the prison.

Li Yueming did not stop him.

He wanted to see what the other party was up to.

The woman slowly took a few steps back and made a ‘please’ gesture before returning to the eighteenth level of purgatory.

Li Yueming didn’t avoid it at all. He waved his sleeves and followed in.

The so-called eighteen levels of purgatory were no different from the previous seventeen levels.

It was just that there was a relatively large bedroom.

Under the woman’s lead, the two of them sat down on both sides of the coffee table.

After the woman brewed a pot of tea for Li Yueming, she said,””I heard that this is the popular way of receiving guests in the country called the ancient Great Qian Dynasty in Nine Regions, so I learned it. If there is any lack of hospitality, please forgive me!”

Li Yueming waved his hand and smiled, but he did not drink the tea. He just said lightly,”If you have something to say, just say it. I don’t plan to stay in this world for long!”

After a moment of contact.

At this moment, Li Yueming was certain.

The woman before him should be the world consciousness of the Returning Heart Great Land.

She must have woken up to look for him after sensing his presence in this world.

However, this world consciousness was much weaker than the illusionary world consciousness in Nine Regions.

Therefore, even if she appeared in her true form, Li Yueming was not afraid.

Instead, he felt a little dazed.

Once upon a time, reincarnators like him saw the world’s consciousness like a cat seeing a mouse.

But now, he was able to converse with the weaker World Consciousness on equal footing.

In fact, the other party might even be more afraid of him. Otherwise, he would not have rushed over immediately after discovering that he had arrived in this world.

Seeing that he was not in the mood to drink tea, the woman did not continue to be polite and said solemnly,”What is your purpose for coming here? There has been no news from the Nine Regions and the Great Gan Lord Dynasty for so many years. Why did they suddenly come to my world?”

Li Yueming pondered.

He immediately understood why ‘he’ had come to ask him.

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