Monster Integration

Chapter 3881 Horde Leader II

Chapter 3881 Horde Leader II


I cursed as the horrifying squid monster appeared in front of us and whipped its tentacle at us.

It moved slowly, rather smoothly, that it felt slow, but fast, that even my eyes couldn't track it.


The tentacle hit my shield before I even knew it, and I felt the power and the energy behind its attack. It is the most powerful attack I have faced; it stumbles and takes a step back while roiling my internal.

Puh Puh….

I vomited hard, with the pieces of internal organs. The shock was big enough, that broke my internals in a single attack.

"Are you fine?" Captain asked with the worry evident in his face.

He should be worried. The bastard monster is extremely powerful; there is no way, he would be able to defeat it. He would be killed, and it wouldn't take more than a minute for the monster to do it.

"I am fine," I said as I wiped the blood with the back of my sleeve and looked at the monster, which was watching me in surprise.

It had a realistic surprise expression on my human-like face, which made it look even more terrifying.


For a few seconds, no attack came, before it started to blast the shields with its tentacles, while I was trying my all to defend myself with the three shields I had.

I wanted to use more, and I would have, but those things are in other use. If I use them, I will lose any hope, I have. The captain isn't powerful enough to defeat it unless he is hiding some really powerful arrows.

Puh Puh Puh…

I moved my shields fast to defend against its tenacles while healing the injuries, I am incurring every minute as I vomit the blood.

The bastard is so strong, and the energy is also immense, that I am at the limit of processing them. It is a good thing; I had level-up and upgraded those formations, adding more ancient runes formations in them or I would be fucked.

The thing that scares me the most is that the monster isn't using its full power.

It is why, ten of my clones are working on making the changes into the shield. So, it could deal with the attacks better.

They had already made changes in a few seconds, which gave me some relief. I am still vomiting but with much less intensity than before.

Still, that doesn't make me feel good.

Only three shields are defending against its tentacles. If it was able to avoid that, it wouldn't have any problem tearing through the sphere and once it did that, it would be a game over for me.

I don't want to die; it is why, I am taking a risk of using the strings, despite knowing it could break them.

I can't depend on the captain alone. He might not have something that could deal with the monster. I needed to be responsible for my own safety and with-it the safety of the whole ship.

Once it deals with it, it would move toward the others and if it was able to defeat them, which I think it would be unless someone has something powerful or hiding their power, it would move toward the ship.

The captain is attacking it with arrow after arrow, but it can defend against them without any problem.

Its tentacles are extremely strong, despite looking soft and squishy, that could easily be torn through. There is also that invisible thick energy, that came out of it right before any attack hit it.

The monster may have high defensive power, but it is not taking any risk.

"It is covering itself with thick invisible energy before it clashed against your arrows," I informed the captain.

A surprise appeared on his face and the arrow nocked to its bow changed.

"Thanks," he thanked and pulled the string, releasing the grey arrows toward the monster.


The next moment, I heard the sound, I had been wanting to hear.

The arrows tore through the energy screen and buried itself into the skin tentacle of the monster.

"Is it a poison arrow?" I asked.

"No. Explosion," he replied, looking confused. If it had been the explosion arrow, then it should have exploded, but it had not.

'Malfunction?' I asked myself.

It is rare, but not out of the realm of possibilities. Sometimes the runes don't work as they intend to for one reason or another.


A moment later, the squid wrapped its tentacles around the arrow and brought it out before flinging it away from where it exploded. Creating explosion power enough, that it sent tens of Sky Sovereigns fighting nearly back.


After a moment, it roared, and it was clear by its face that it was angry. 𝚏r𝗲ewe𝚋𝐧𝚘vel.𝚌𝚘m

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The powerful aura burst out of it and attacked again, appearing over the sphere. It scared me, but the confusion about the was angry.

The powerful aura burst out of it and attacked again, appearing arrows remained.

Why hasn't it exploded?

There could be multiple reasons behind it. Malfunctions are the first, but there would be others that would be its abilities. Some monsters are people who have abilities that could suppress such things.

Such abilities are rare, but they exist. Though a few, could suppress the weapon of such power.


I was thinking, when the tentacles hit the shields. Making me, take a couple of steps back, vomiting into a blinding headache.


It had happened when another tentacle hit and then another. Making me vomit, shudder, and scream in pain.

"Are you fine?" asked Captain worriedly. "I am fine, just don't stop attacking it," I replied before starting to vomit again.

Captain looked at me worriedly for a moment, before resuming his attack, which the monster defending. It had been using a different type of move; it is still using energy but like repelling force, rather than a shield.

Which is working much better than before.

'I have found out something,'

Seconds passed, and I was getting used to its attack and so was my shield, when my clone spoke, and my expressions changed drastically.

I understood what it found out before it even said it, and it is something I had never expected.

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