Raising My Children With My Personal Spatial Ability

Chapter 1384: He Should Know

Chapter 1384: He Should Know


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“You—” Marquess Ning almost vomited blood when he heard that.

Zhan Beixiao did not know his mistake and still spoke like this. It made Marquess Ning speechless.

“Zhanling Empire is really unlucky to have a prince like you!”

“How can you say that, Grandfather?”

Zhan Beixiao’s indignance grew. So what? He was his father’s favorite son.

So what if Zhan Beiye was capable? Their father still disregarded him. He would not give him anything good and even wanted him to die.

“Father dotes on me the most. He also said he would pass the throne to me,” he said proudly.

Marquess Ning stayed silent and merely sighed.

So what if he was doted on the most? It would be a huge failure if he could not protect the country after inheriting it. How could Zhan Beixiao even compare to Zhan Beiye?

“Guards, bring Prince Xiao with you to Duoya City,” he instructed the person beside him coldly.

‘What?” Zhan Beixiao paled when he heard that they were going to Duoya City.

He had just escaped from Duoya City. Was he going to be humiliated by Zhan Beiye again?

He did not want it.

“No, no. Grandfather, we can’t go to Duoya City. Zhan Beiye is there. He won’t let us off if he finds out we’re there.”

He shook his head at Marauess Nine. He did not want to go to Duova Citv: he did not want to meet Zhan Beiye again.

However, no one listened to him. Marquess Ning glanced at him indifferently and left. His subordinates picked Zhan Beixiao up and carried him away like a sack.

They had to go to Duoya City even if he was unwilling.

The deputy general, who was in a sorry state, could only follow Zhan Beixiao. However, he heaved a sigh of relief. He could finally eat his fill.

He had not had a single day of peace with Zhan Beixiao. His head hurt.

“My lord, I’m afraid Zhan Beiye has already learned that you’re going to Duoya City,” Marquess Ning’s subordinate said.

“He should know.”

Marquess Ning did not keep his schedule a secret from Zhan Beiye.

It was not a secret anyway. Zhan Beiye had many spies in Zhanling Empire. He would definitely find out that he had personally gone out to get Zhan Beixiao.

“What should we do next?” the subordinate asked.

He also found it strange. Zhan Beiye clearly knew their schedule and probably knew their location, but he did not attack them.


He glanced at Zhan Beixiao.

If Zhan Beiye really wanted to kill Zhan Beixiao, he would not be able to leave Duoya City.

Was Zhan Beiye partly responsible for Zhan Beixiao’s smooth journey after escaping from Duoya City with only a few people?

Even he would not fancy Prince Xiao, let alone Zhan Beiye!

“We’ll enter Duoya City openly. I want to see how capable Zhan Beiye is!” Marquess Ning sneered.

“No!” Zhan Beixiao broke out in a cold sweat. His voice cracked from fear.

“Grandfather, I can’t go to Duoya City. I barely escaped. I can’t go in. Zhan Beiye won’t let me off.. He’s crazy!”

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