System vs Rebirth

Chapter 1110 Home

Chapter 1110 Home

"Ha… Hah…" Tristan panted a few times before wiping the sweat on his forehead. Despite the cold weather, Tristan's back was actually drenched in sweat even though he was sitting on his table and the room's temperature was still quite cold.

After all, around him were more than a thousand Rune Cards. Yes, per Noel's instruction, Dimitri had brought back a lot of things and orders, including Tristan's new work.

Unlike anyone else, Tristan's enhanced memory was extremely useful. Once he made the first rune card right, he wouldn't make the mistake on the second rune card.

"Tristan. Are you there?" Suddenly, someone knocked on his door as Sandra's voice echoed through the door.

Tristan raised his head, stopping his work for a moment. "Yes, I'm here."

"Alright. I'll come in." Sandra opened the door, bringing a tray of food. At the same time, she couldn't help but find all these piles of empty demon crystals that had been shaped as cards, getting scattered all over the room. "Jeez, are you still working? Take a break a little, will you?"

"Well…" Tristan scratched the back of his head. "I couldn't help it. There aren't a lot of things to do during the winter."

"That's true…" Sandra sighed, unable to refute it. She put down the plates while glancing through the window. "Winter, huh? Because we're in the north, we would actually experience winter, unlike when we're in the Atracaeca Kingdom."

"Yeah." Tristan nodded. He saw a big car bringing the pile of snow outside the city, allowing the city's road to remain clear. "Teacher is amazing."

"Indeed. I have heard from other maids that when the snow starts covering the street, people tend to remain inside, trying to survive with all the firewood and food they have. But in this city, they can't help but feel amazed when they can still go around the town while wearing warm clothes." Sandra nodded.

"But I heard from Ma'am Charlotte that people still need to get used to this kind of environment before they know what they can do and what they can't. So there are still not a lot of jobs during the winter." Tristan crossed his arms. "Like me…"

"You have worked extremely hard as well. You've completed Master Noel's homework in just two weeks. And now, you're working on this new thing." Sandra shook her head helplessly.

"Not at all. Compared to Teacher, I'm still not as productive." Tristan sighed. "Everyone is working much harder than me while I still can't do anything but learn."

Sandra opened her mouth, but no words came out. As Tristan said, everyone was working hard.

Douglas continued the construction despite the chilling winter while ensuring that no one overworked or died due to the chilling temperature. Balott was ensuring everything had enough fund to operate. Howard and Harley maintained their defense while Livia fully focused on the Rune Academy. Even Khalid had left the territory for a while.

Only Tristan was studying without contributing anything, despite the fact that Noel had entrusted three jobs to him: Runegard's Master, Rune Academy's Vice Principal, and this new Rune Meister.

Sandra said, "By the way, Miss Felicia asked you to visit her today. Why don't you go visit her after lunch?"

"Miss Felicia? Ah, understood." Tristan nodded. He hurriedly ate as if he hadn't eaten anything for the past few days and immediately headed to Felicia.

Aside from her work as a Rune Magician instructor, she was also working on this Rune Card.

That was why he hurriedly met her.

"Miss Felicia!" Tristan entered Felicia's office, which was actually not much different from his room. There was a pile of demon crystals that had been shaped to match the rune cards. Among those piles of demon crystals was Felicia.

"Mhmm?" Felicia gradually opened her eyes. "Oh, Tristan. You're finally here."

"Sandra said you wanted to meet me. But you look very tired… Please get some rest first."

"No, it's fine. It won't take long." Felicia rubbed her fuzzy eyes before tossing three card-shaped demon crystals. "Take these."

"!!!" Tristan caught them, albeit barely. He couldn't help but look at them, noticing something different from each card. "They are…"

"I think you have noticed it too. All cards emit spiritual energy because I merely reshape the demon crystals. The one emitting the lowest amount is made of low level demon crystals. The one with the highest amount is created from mid level demon crystals. The one in between is the combination of low level and mid level demon crystals."

"Combination?!" Tristan widened his eyes.

"Yes. I call this a rune battery. This will be the perfect fuel for the Rune Card. I first divide the battery into ten cells. The combination battery is made of 3 cells of low level demons and 7 cells of mid level demon crystals. While I can feel the difference in the amount of energy, it's not very detailed."

"I guess we really need the machine to measure spiritual energy…" Tristan frowned.

"Yeah. As Master Noel said, we need to acquire that machine from the Greenwood Kingdom."

"In that case, I'll ask Dimitri to relay that message to Teacher. For the time being, I think it's better to test each rune spell with multiple rune cards to grasp some understanding of how this system works."

"As expected of the Lord's student…" Felicia smiled. "Bring the rune cards and we can test them tomorrow. I'm going to sleep a bit more before producing more of these batteries."

"Thank you." Tristan nodded and exited the room so that he could write a letter for Noel.

Meanwhile, Noel was actually standing with Anna. They were only less than a hundred meters away from the airport. It had been a week since they had run away. Noel and Anna had finally reached the Spirit Transcendence Rank.

There was only one thought in their minds: revenge. It was time to take down the Ancient Demon Spider that caused such a devastating defeat, especially to Noel, who lost his life.

It seemed that the Ancient Demon Spider had been ready for war. Unlike last time, the Ancient Demon Spider had been standing straight as if welcoming Noel and Anna. His figure was covered in the fog, leaving only a creepy shadow.

The Superior Demons had also worked together with the Grass Demon in order to find a perfect gap to kill Noel and Anna this time.

Noel and Anna exchanged looks.

"Are you ready?" Noel asked with a confident face.

"Of course. This time, we will be the winners." Anna nodded.

Both of them then turned to the giant spider's shadow behind the fog as they said the same thing.

"Let's go!"

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