The Hunter’s Lucky Little Lady

Chapter 874: Help

Chapter 874: Help


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At the same time, Luo Cheng also thought of the modified tracking incense on Li Xiaoran, so he asked someone to bring Big Yellow over from Hele Village and let it track her.

It had to be said that Big Yellow had a very sharp sense of smell.

After smelling Li Xiaoran’s clothes, Big Yellow quickly found Li Xiaoran’s abandoned clothes.

Then, Luo Cheng brought Big Yellow to continue tracking on both sides of the riverbank. On the third day after Li Xiaoran arrived at the mountain stronghold, Big Yellow smelled traces of Li Xiaoran.

As Luo Cheng looked at the forest in front of him, he immediately realized something.

Luo Cheng quickly arranged for his people to enter the barren mountain forest to search.

Before Luo Cheng and the others could start, an arrow suddenly shot over from afar.

Luo Cheng pulled the arrow out of the tree and took down the letter.

“The consort is in Ling Wei’s hands and is safe for the time being! At midnight today, we’ll wait at a mountain stream waterfall in the southwest. I’ll save her!

Don’t bring people in to alert the enemy!”

After Luo Cheng received the letter, he pondered for a moment.

“Go and call Wu Qinghe over!” Luo Cheng said to Zi Zheng.

Zi Zheng nodded and went to look for Wu Qinghe.

Wu Qinghe rushed over when he received the news.

“Qinghe, take a look at this. Is it trustworthy?”

After Wu Qinghe finished reading it, he took out his copper coin. After divining a few times, he nodded. “Mr. Luo, according to the divination, the southwest is indeed an auspicious position and is beneficial to the consort. This person should be the benefactor who can help the consort escape danger! Mr. Luo, why don’t you send your men to the southwest and sneak over with a few agile people to meet her outside?!”

When Luo Cheng heard Wu Qinghe’s words, he finally calmed down.

After Li Xiaoran’s incident, Luo Cheng tried his best to calm down and think about a countermeasure.

But he really couldn’t do it. His mind was filled with scenes of Li Xiaoran being tortured.

If this continued, he wouldn’t be able to hold on until Li Xiaoran was saved.

Fortunately, there was finally news. This calmed Luo Cheng down.

However, Luo Cheng couldn’t take it anymore. After arranging everything, he brought Lin Ning and Jiao Hang to change into camouflage clothes. Then, under the cover of the night, they sneaked into the forest.

Luo Cheng was very lucky. When he found Ling Wei’s stronghold, it was already midnight.

Because Li Xiaoran had slept for a long time during the day, she wasn’t asleep at this moment and her imagination was running wild.

At that moment, there was a commotion outside.

When Li Xiaoran heard this, she became vigilant and sat up to hide by the cabinet.

Li Xiaoran could see the situation at the door from this cabinet, but others might not be able to see Li Xiaoran hiding in the cabinet after coming in.

“Thank you for your hard work tonight! This is the supper our master asked us to send over to reward you!” An old servant sent over a basket of delicious food. There was meat, dishes, and a bowl of hot soup.

“Why is it just soup? There’s no alcohol!” a guard complained.

“It’s good enough that there’s food for you guys. You even want alcohol? Dream on! Think about who you guys are guarding. That’s the consort. If anything happens to her, the current lord will skin you alive!”

When the guards heard the old servant’s words, they immediately laughed and quickly picked up their bowls and chopsticks to eat.

“Yes, yes, yes. You have a point!” a guard said as he ate.

“It’s good that you know. Hurry up and eat! After you guys finish eating, I’ll wash them!” As the old servant spoke, she yawned and said sleepily, “After I wash the dishes, I can have a good sleep!”

Seeing this, the guards quickly sped up as they ate.

After eating and drinking some hot soup, they felt much warmer.

After the old servant put the bowls and chopsticks in the food box, she left.

For some reason, they felt a little sleepy after eating.

As a result, the guard fell asleep while standing.

Even Li Xiaoran, who was hiding behind the cabinet, could hear them snoring at this moment. This surprised her.

Could these people have set up a trap to test her?!

Were the people outside really asleep, or was it a trap set up by Ling Wei? Should she take the risk and give it a try?

Many thoughts flashed across her mind, but Li Xiaoran didn’t know what to do!

At that moment, there was some more commotion outside.

This time, someone came straight to the door and unlocked it, then pushed it open and walked in.

“Li Xiaoran, Li Xiaoran, where are you? I’m here to save you. Come out quickly!”

When Li Xiaoran heard this voice, she found it familiar. At the same time, she felt that this person’s aura was also familiar.

The person who came in said, “Li Xiaoran, it’s me, Jade Face. Have you forgotten that we’ve met several times at Guan Dongshan’s house in Hele Village?!”

When Li Xiaoran heard the words Jade Face and Guan Dongshan, she immediately thought of someone.

Li Xiaoran thought of the brocade bag Wu Qinghe had given her, so she walked out and asked, “It’s you, Jade Face. Why are you here?”

Seeing that Li Xiaoran appeared, Fan Xue immediately laughed.

“Don’t worry about why I’m here. Take this opportunity to leave quickly! Luo Cheng is in the southwest. Leave this place first and run southwest. Luo Cheng will be waiting for you at a waterfall!”

Li Xiaoran nodded and walked out quietly under Fan Xue’s lead.

After Fan Xue closed the door, she locked it again.

After that, the two of them walked towards the kitchen.

Along the way, they didn’t even encounter a single patrol. They arrived at the kitchen safely.

“Something’s wrong. This is where Prince Fu is hiding, so why isn’t there anyone patrolling?! Don’t you think it’s strange?” Li Xiaoran looked around and lowered her voice to ask.

“Don’t worry, when I brought you out, I happened to avoid the patrolling people! If you don’t believe me, wait a moment. In a while, there will be patrolling people passing by. Let’s hide here first!” With that, Fan Xue blew out the light and pulled Li Xiaoran to curl up in the corner of the kitchen while waiting quietly.

Sure enough, not long after, they heard footsteps. Then, they patrolled the kitchen and went elsewhere.

After Li Xiaoran saw him leave, she heaved a sigh of relief.

“Where are we going now?” Li Xiaoran asked..

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