You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman

Chapter 1012 (All the Fault of the Bastard Child)

Chapter 1012 (All the Fault of the Bastard Child)

Ye Hua calmly said, "It was just a minor incident blown out of proportion by people."

Hearing Ye Hua's explanation, Le Jing breathed a sigh of relief, "Ye Hua, you have to watch over your wife."

Ye Hua remained silent after hearing this.

"And also... everyone is praising big brother for his deep feelings and loyalty, avenging the past grievances of the generals, singing praises for big brother's great achievements," Ye Juetian added.

Ye Hua sighed and shook his head.

"And there's also the palace murder incident. It has various versions circulating, such as the Ninth Prince committing murder to silence someone. Anyway, after last night's events, the royal family's reputation has been greatly tarnished," Ye Juetian said with excitement, spitting out every word. He was clearly enjoying this.

Le Jing, however, became deeply worried. Ye Hua seemed to be gaining power now, but this situation was eerily similar to what happened years ago!

Back then, Ye Hua was also in this position, praised by the people...

Le Jing didn't want to go down the same path again.

"Mother, you can rest assured. This time, it won't be like last time," Ye Hua said calmly.

But Le Jing was dumbfounded.

Ye Juetian was also dumbfounded.

Ye Hua realised what he just casually said 'mother' into the conversation.

Well, whatever. In any case, she was his birth mother and should be treated with filial piety. Even though the flesh and blood had disappeared, the framework was given by his mother.

Le Jing's eyes turned red. Ye Hua finally called her mother. It wasn't easy...

"Ye Hua, be careful in everything. Mother is waiting for your return!"

"Okay!" Ye Hua nodded. The useless Ye Hua from before was killed, and it was clear who was responsible.

'This time, this deity was taking control, and they would die clearly understanding why!'

Meanwhile, inside the palace, Huang Fei was in a rage!

Huang Fei was smashing things like crazy!

It was because of Ye Hua's matter back then that he was so infuriated that he had to vent his frustration by smashing things.

And today, this morning, the outside spies reported that the events from last night had indeed spread!

But why was all the criticism directed at royalty? That Ye Hua was being praised as if without him, the capital would have perished!

The plan from last night was clearly set against Ye Hua! But instead of throwing dirt on Ye Hua, the royal family was splashed with it. That damned Ye Hua!!! This emperor will condemn you for life!

"Cheng Tian!" Huang Fei coldly ordered.

Cheng Tian walked in from outside. Last night, he arranged a few concubines to calm the emperor's anger. This morning seemed fine.

But now, the emperor was furious again.

Don't let the fire burn on your own head.


"Go, summon Ye Shen for me!"

"Yes, Your Majesty!"

Huang Fei was furious! 'Ye Hua, this emperor must find your weakness!'

After waiting a while, Cheng Tian quickly brought Ye Shen!

At this moment, Ye Shen's face was covered in cold sweat. He had already heard about the morning events and felt that the emperor would definitely be furious! Just as he finished thinking, someone came to arrange for him!

'That damned Ye Hua! Are you really trying to destroy the Ye family!!!'

"Ye Shen!" Huang Fei angrily shouted.

Ye Shen was directly scared, kneeling on the ground, "Your Majesty, it has nothing to do with the Ye family. It's all the fault of that bastard!"

"You still know he's a bastard! Why don't you go and kill him?" Huang Fei coldly exclaimed.

"Your Majesty... I can't defeat him."

Huang Fei: "..."

"You dare say that! Your own son hung and beat you! If I were you, I would rather committed suicide than showing my face in public!"

Ye Shen remained silent after hearing this, feeling ashamed. He was losing face... almost completely.

After scolding for a while, Huang Fei felt a bit relieved. He asked in a deep voice, "Ye Shen! Where does that bastard live in the Sapphire Continent?"


"What huh! You want this emperor to repeat it? Did you leave your ears at home?" Huang Fei lifted his foot and gave a kick, knocking Ye Shen down.

Ye Shen quickly got up, respectfully saying, "Your Majesty, I really don't know."

"Do you want this emperor to use torture? You really don't know??? Are you still protecting that bastard of yours?" Huang Fei pointed at Ye Shen and continued his furious tirade, spitting out saliva.

Ye Shen knew the emperor was serious and quickly said, "I... my son should know. Maybe they heard some rumours."

"Good! Bring Ye Chen! Ye Liangcai! Ye Zhe! All of them, bring them to this emperor!"


Huang Fei looked at Ye Shen and said coldly, "If none of them knows, then you will face torture before going back!"

Ye Shen looked lifeless, cursing that damned bastard. If it weren't for him coming back, how could he be suffering like this?

After a while, Ye Chen and the others were brought into the emperor's sleeping chamber.

The first thing they saw was their kneeling father, and they were all stunned. However, Ye Chen immediately knelt and greeted, "Your humble servant Ye Chen pays respects to Your Majesty!"

Ye Chen did not hold any official position. It was the same for Ye Liangcai and Ye Zhe.

It's not that they were not qualified, but the emperor did not allow the Ye family to become powerful again!

Ye Liangcai and Ye Zhe immediately knelt in tribute.

Huang Fei waved his hand, and Ye Chen and the others stood up. However, their father did not rise. What was going on?

"This emperor has a question for you!" Huang Fei said in a stern tone.

"Your Majesty, please ask. If we know, we will definitely inform," Ye Chen respectfully said, cupping his hands.

"Good! If neither you nor your father know, then this emperor will let you experience the torture devices!"

Hearing this, the faces of the father and sons changed.

"This emperor asks you three! Where does Ye Hua live in the Sapphire Continent? Does he have any family?"

As the emperor spoke, Ye Chen and the others almost understood what he meant. The emperor intended to capture big brother's family to use as leverage!


"Your Majesty, this... we really don't know." Ye Chen felt anxious. They had learned about the morning events, and the emperor was surely furious!

"Waste! All of you are useless! Guards, take them to the Ministry of Punishment. Let them experience all the torture devices and then release them!"

"Your Majesty! I know! I know!" Ye Zhe quickly knelt and shouted!

Cheng Tian, who entered, stepped back. It was better not to hear some things. Knowing too much wouldn't be beneficial to himself.


Ye Zhe swallowed hard, "Your Majesty, I only overheard a little that day... big brother lives in the Voidless Empire in the Sapphire Continent."

"An empire is so big! Which family exactly?" Huang Fei was on the verge of wanting to kill them all. How could they be so foolish!

"Your Majesty... big brother, he is the emperor of the Voidless Empire," Ye Zhe said softly.

Hearing this, Huang Fei was stunned, then burst into laughter, covering his face and laughing loudly.

"Hahaha... Ye Hua, I didn't expect... Hahaha!" Huang Fei's laughter was sinister. He never expected that Ye Hua would become an emperor down there. 'Did you really want to sit in my position so much that you even became an emperor down there!'

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