System vs Rebirth

Chapter 1137 Winning

Chapter 1137 Winning

"31 million!"

"32 million!"

The people continued raising the price of the sword excitedly. However, their excitement stopped the moment Noel's room began to send out a signal.

"40 million!" The host suddenly increased 8 million in the bid, which startled everyone. It was true that there were some bids higher than a million earlier, but the higher the price, the harder it was for it to increase.

Still, the million they were talking about here was only copper coins, which only measured four thousand gold coins.

Even then, a lot of people started to be unable to keep up, especially with the fact that the person in the VIP box who hadn't bid a single time would go all out. It was clear that this VIP came to the auction only for the sword.

"41 million!" Another bidder increased the price again.

However, the host instantly announced the increase in price. "50 million!"

As if feeling challenged, there was a noble that raised the price even sharper than Noel's room.

In an instant, the host suddenly announced a new bid coming from another VIP room. "100 million!"

"105 million!" Another participant decided to join. They knew that the real price of the sword was still higher than this.

Noel looked at the auction and couldn't help but say, "Should we speed things up?"

"As long as the price increase is not too destructive, it should be fine." Hilda explained.

"In that case, make it fifty thousand gold coins first." Noel waved his hand. "It's not like this sword will be sold for less than a hundred thousand gold coins."

"Understood." Hilda immediately signaled the host.

The host was surprised but stayed professional. He immediately announced, "500 million!"

"!!!" The people looked surprised, as the leap was almost 400 million. The majority of the people immediately backed down because the truly wealthy people were about to start their wars from this point on.

"600 million!"

"610 million!"

"620 million!"

"700 million!"

Only less than ten people from the auction hall participated. And three of them came from the VIP rooms.

"750 million!" The VIP room next to him suddenly shouted, suddenly joining the battle.

"100,000 gold coins!" Hilda immediately changed the price according to Noel's instructions. Since the price had surpassed a billion, they changed their currency.

Meanwhile, Noel was examining all the people participating in the bidding war.

"Mhmm…" Noel glanced to the right. He could sense two people, one seemed to be a spirit grandmaster, while the other was a normal person.

"120,000 gold coins." This time, the bid came from the room to his left.

When Noel checked this room, he was surprised that there was only a spirit master inside the room. There didn't seem to be anyone else.

He couldn't help but wonder how a single spirit master would be able to protect the sword. There might be some people intending to steal such a sword after the auction.

While he was checking the people, the price had reached 210,000 gold coins. Noel still looked calm, but Hilda already had some hesitation. While it was her job to let Noel spend as much as possible, she was afraid that if she put in the wrong bid, she would be killed by this noble.

In addition, the price was already reaching its true value. Even Noel knew that the price should be about 250,000 gold coins.

That was why Noel said to Hilda, "I don't care about the price. Just get the sword. Keep increasing 10,000 gold coins in every bid."

Hilda was surprised, but her face became even more relaxed.

There were only three people left fighting for the sword.

"250,000 gold coins!" The VIP room on the right side announced out loud.

"260,000 gold coins!" Hilda easily replied with Noel's guarantee.

As if responding to the bid, someone suddenly knocked on their door.

Hilda looked alarmed, as if she knew what was going on. She glanced at Noel.

"It's fine. See what they're up to. I'll continue from here."

Hilda hurriedly went to the door to know what was going on. Meanwhile, Noel shouted, "290,000 gold coins."

There was a momentary silence after that bid. In addition, Noel noticed that the spirit master in the VIP room to his left had already stopped bidding a while ago.

In fact, Noel noticed that the spirit master was already leaving.

While he came from a noble family and his father was a great merchant, this was the first time he participated in an auction. He didn't know what kind of plan they had or how to place bids. The only thing he knew was that if they wanted to mess around with him, he could simply crush them. Even the king wouldn't say anything since this was just self-defense. Besides, it wasn't like he was hiding his identity here, so if they really dared to challenge the Ardagan family, their family wouldn't be able to withstand their wrath.

Hilda came back and whispered, "Sir, the room on our right is Earl Eyester. He is planning to bid 300,000 gold coins and asks you not to fight him for it. He will owe you a favor if you can allow him to win."

As she reported, the Earl had already placed his next bid in 300,000 gold coins.

"Hahaha. Do you think I'm scared of him?" Noel chuckled. "310,000 gold coins!"

Hilda gulped down. She had seen a lot of conflicts because of the bidding war. In fact, she had served several people who ended up dying because of the conflict.

However, Noel simply said to her, "Tell them that this is an auction where wealth matters. There is no need to tell him about my identity, but after this is done, if he still plans to challenge me, warn him that he will be facing the Ardagan family next."

"Understood." Hilda nodded furiously. While she had become a bit nervous, the person before him was the rumored genius who managed to repel a demon army. There was no way he would be scared of a mere Earl, let alone when the king of this kingdom was so eager to form a relationship with the Ardagan family.

"330,000 gold coins!" While waiting, he already added another 10,000 gold coins.

Anna remained silent the whole time, but she knew that the reason Noel didn't want to let them know his identity was to make the bid fair. If the opponent was scared of his identity and the price became lower, he might get criticized for abusing his influence.

Still, Noel had another reason to increase the price. There was one more big fish to bait in this auction.

Noel kept bidding until the Earl gave up. Noel ended up winning the sword for 370,000 gold coins. It wasn't a small sum, but it was only half of the cash he currently had. And he could easily get that amount soon.

"Congratulations, sir. You've won the sword." Hilda smiled.

"What am I supposed to do next? Should I wait here or something?"

"If you want to wait, I can bring you the sword as well as the contract for the trade. If you want to get the sword directly, I can lead you to the contract room."

"Let's go then." Noel stood up. He was going to leave after getting the sword anyway.

However, when Hilda opened the door for Noel and Anna, there was already an old man standing in front of him. He was a spirit grandmaster, but more importantly, his face looked angry.

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